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Yahrzeit Plaque Contributions

Honoring and Remembering:

Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques at Mekor Shalom...




Mekor Shalom wishes to help you honor the memory of your departed loved ones, of blessed memory, through Yahrzeit Plaques on Memorial Boards.  

The light next to the plaque will be lighted on your loved one’s Yahrzeit and for all Yizkor services.  


Two Potential Ways to Have a Plaque at Mekor Shalom...

Mekor Shalom is not using the Yahrzeit plaques to raise funds.  

► With this in mind, if you have previously purchased standard size Yahrzeit memorial plaques elsewhere, you may elect to bring them and have the plaque affixed to a Yahrzeit board here at Mekor Shalom, paying only a donation for the space on the board.  

► Alternatively, if you do not currently have any Yahrzeit memorial plaques and you wish to honor the memory of a departed loved one, you may purchase the plaque and the space on the Yahrzeit board. The plaque will then be displayed at Mekor Shalom.


The Tzedakah...

The pricing is calculated based on the actual cost of the board and the plaques: 

►Each board holds 25 Yahrzeit memorial plaques, so the price per space is based on 1/25 of the actual cost of the board ($120/space at current pricing).

►The cost to purchase a plaque ($60) is exactly the cost Mekor Shalom incurs.  

However, the Board has authorized introductory pricing of $90 (a discount on the cost per space), to encourage participation and to ease the burden for those transferring plaques from other locations.  The introductory price will be discontinued soon.

On an ongoing basis, Mekor Shalom will order new Yahrzeit boards whenever there are at least 25 plaques ordered or ready to be affixed.  Once there have been sufficient paid orders, the congregation will begin ordering the board(s) and plaques.


Please list in the Tribute Note below additional names for plaques.  If there is information that Mekor Shalom does not have on file (e.g. Hebrew name/date/death before or after sunset) or if you would like further assistance, please indicate that as well.
If contributing by credit card please consider increasing your contribution by 3.9%. This increase will offset the 3.9% that the synagogue incurs for each contribution made by credit card.  Alternatively, one may contribute by check...
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