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Leaf-by-Leaf Project

Together we are the roots, the sapling tree, the solid branches,

each bud and each leaf of Mekor Shalom.

Tending and nurturing with the light of each person

 will grow Mekor Shalom, our spiritual home...  




Fiber Artist & Art Quilter, Gayle, of Creating Gayle, LLCdesigned and created a new Torah cover mantle for our sacred Torah as well as a new curtain for our Ark, both featuring an artful tree representing our sacred community in their designs.







The tree on the Ark curtain began with just a few leaves, representing the very first folks who connected to Mekor Shalom and with spiritual leader, Hazzan Sered-Lever.







It is up to each of us to add new leaves to the branches; each week at Shabbat, we’ll all watch our tree “grow” as an artful manifestation of our growth as a community coming together.







With everyone's generosity the tree continues to grow leaves:







Fuller and fuller...


...and fuller and fuller over time...

Help Mekor Shalom Grow – Watch Mekor Shalom Grow

Each $36 (double Chai) stitched leaf will add more fullness and color to our sacred tree.

For every 20 leaves donated, Gayle will take down the Ark curtain, add them to the tree and return the growing tree to the sanctuary.

A list of donors’ names will be noted, if desired, in an upcoming issue of the congregation's e-newsletter, Mekor Shalom Connects.  One the tree is full, recognition of the donors and the tribute for each leaf will be acknowleged in the shul.

Donations of any number of leaves for yourself, for each family member, for a special occasion, or in honor or in memory of loved ones are most welcome.


The presence of each leaf matters because the presence of each person matters...


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